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  • Private Personal Training

    Kip is a professional personal trainer and champion bodybuilder with over 20 years of fitness experience.

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  • Fully Equipped Gym

    A wide range of equipment to fit all of your needs.

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  • Workouts Tailored to You

    Personalized workouts that fit your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals. Kip works with clients who have a variety of different fitness goals.

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  • Private Gym

    One-on-one personal training in a private gym setting. No waiting, no gym fees, just results!

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  1. Fill out the form below, email, or call to check if there are openings for new clients. (if there are no openings, you can request to be put on the waitlist)
  2. Schedule your FREE 30 minute introductory session. Your introductory session is time for you to get a feel for Kip and the gym, to discuss your specific goals, and how you’d like to reach them.


What do you want?

These are the proven top 7 benefits of consistent exercise:

• A better body
• Better health
• To feel younger
• To be happier
• More energy
• Better sleep
• A better sex life

We can help you get there!
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It’s ALL about you!

You deserve to make it all about you when it comes to your health, your body, and your fitness!

With Pro Fitness Edge, you get the following:

• Your very own private gym
• Your very own world-class private trainer
• Fitness programs designed specifically for you
• A schedule that works for you
• and ultimately, the body, the energy, and the health you deserve!