What Do You Want?

    • A Better Body? • Better Health?
    • To Feel Younger? • To Be Happier?
    • More Energy? • Better Sleep?
    • A Better Sex Life?

These are the proven top 7 benefits of consistent exercise!

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It’s ALL About You!

You deserve to make it all about you when it comes to your body, your health, and your fitness!

With Pro Fitness Edge, you get…

  • your very own private gym
  • your very own world class private trainer
  • programs based on what you want
  • a schedule that works for you
  • and ultimately, the body, the energy, and the health you deserve!

Get started in 2 Steps!

  1. Email or Call to check if there are openings for new clients. (if there are no openings, you can request to be put on the waitlist)
  2. Schedule your FREE 1 hour introductory session. Your introductory session is time for you to get a feel for Kip and the gym, to discuss your specific goals, and how you’d like to reach them.

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